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We carry a complete line of sausage making supplies including pre-mixed sausage seasonings.  Our lines include quality Spices & Seasonings, Binders, Marinades, Liquid Smoke and Cures.

Ingredient Information

We are pleased to carry a full line of safety products and supplies from Ronco, Ranpro, Remco and Rubbermaid, including color coded containers. Please contact the Yes Group for all your Food Safety and HAACP products. 

Temperature Control

Try our flavourful marinades to enhance and create a superior product for your customers.  Whether it's strips, cubes, steaks or roasts these easy to use pre-measured marinade units will bring your customers back for more!  Try our Louisiana, Thai Marinade, Spicy Apple or BBQ Marinade today!

Marinades Information



Absorbent, Anti-Slip
Aluminum Disc Aprons
Aluminum Scoops
Ammunition, Stunning
Anti-fatigue Matting
Anti-Slip Absorbent
Aprons, Aluminum
Aprons, Butcher
Aprons, Disposable
Aprons, Neoprene
Aprons, Urethane
Aprons, Vinyl
Armguards, Mesh
Armguards, Plastic
Artery Needles
Atomizers, Smoke

Back Supports
Bacon Bits
Bacon Hangers
Bag Sealers
Band Saw Blades
Batter/Breading Machines
Batteries, Thermometer
Beard Guards/Snoods
Beef Rounds/Middles
Beef Saws
Beef Tying Needles
Bell Style Hog Scraper
Bi-metal Thermometers
Bench Stones
Binders, Burger, Sausage
Bins, Curing
Bins, Ingredient
Blades, Band Saw/Hand Saw
Blades, Grinder
Block Brushes
Block Scrapers
Board, Poly Cutting
Bone Dust Removers
Bone Guard Film
Boning Aprons
Boning Hooks

Boning Knives
Book, Sausage Making

Freezer Jackets
Freezer Paper
Freezer Thermometers
Frock Liners

Garbage Bags
Garbage Cans
Garlic Products
Generators, Smoke

Glasses, Safety
Gloves, Disposable
Gloves, Latex
Gloves, Metal Mesh
Gloves, Nitrile
Gloves, Safety
Gloves, Stainless Steel
Gloves, Vinyl

Goggles, Safety
Grapefruit Knives
Grease, Food Grade
Grinder, Knives/Plates
Grinders, Meat
Guns, Stunning

HACCP Products
Ham Boners
Ham Injectors
Ham Netting
Ham Pump Needles
Ham Stockinette
Ham Tubing

Hand Held Thermometers
Hand Saw
Hand Scoops
Hand Soap
Hangers, Bacon
Hard Hats
Hearing Protection

Heaters, Immersion
Heating Elements
Henckels Cutlery
Hicar Aprons

Pails, Stainless Steel
Paper Cutters
Paper, Freezer
Paper, Patty
Paper Towel Dispensers
Paper Towels

Paring Knives
Patty Boxes
Patty Machine
Patty Paper
Pepperoni Seasonings
Perforators, Casing
PH Meters
Pickle Pumps

Pitchfork, Stainless Steel
Plastic Aprons
Plastic Arm Guards
Plates, Grinder
Pocket Thermometers
Poly Boards
Pork Saws
Pork, Sausage Binders
Portioning Attachments
Poultry Knives
Poultry Shears
Probes, Thermometer

Racks, Aluminum
Racks, Stainless Steel
Rail, Switches
Rainwear, Jackets/Pants
Refrigerator Clothing
Remover, Bone Dust
Ribbing Knives
Rubber Gloves

Safety Aprons
Safety Gloves
Salometers, Brine Testers
Sanitation Supplies
Sausage Binders
Sausage Making Books
Sausage Casings
Sausage Prickers
Sausage Stuffers
Bouffant, Hair
Bowl Cutters
Bowls, Mixing
Bowl Scrapers
Boxes, Sterilizer
Boxes, Patty
Brine Needles
Brine Pumps
Brine Testers
Brute Containers
Buggies, Dump
Bump Caps
Bushel Trucks
Butcher Aprons
Butcher Coats
Butcher Saws
Butcher Twine

Cartridges, Stunning
Carts, Lug
Casings, Collagen
Casings, Fibrous
Casings, Hog
Casings, Sausage
Casings, Sheep
Cheese Knives
Cimeter Knives
Cleaner, Smokehouse
Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning Supplies
Clock, Timer
Coats, Insulated
Collagen Casings
Collagen Film
Containers, Meat
Cooking Nets
Cook's Forks

Cook's Knives
Cooler Coats

High Pressure Spray Nozzles
Hog Casings
Hog Scrapers
Holders, Knife
Hoods, Terry Freezer
Hooks, Boning
Hooks, Selecting

Hooks, "S"
Hooks, Stockinette
Hycar Aprons

Immersion Heaters
Infrared Thermometers
Injection Needles
Injection Valves
Injectors, Brine
Insert Knives
Inspection Hooks

Jackets, Cooler Room
Jerky Seasonings

Knee Valves, Lavatory
Knife Blocks
Knife Box, Electric
Knife Grinders
Knife Scabbards
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sterilizers

Lamex Aprons
Larding Needle
Laser Thermometers
Latex Gloves
Lavatories, Stainless Steel
Liquid Smoke
Liners, Boot
Liners, Patty Box
Liners, Frock
Linkers, Sausage
Liver Hooks
Loin Knives
Lug Carts
Lugs, Meat

Saw Blades
Scabbard Chains
Scoops, Aluminum
Scoops, Stainless Steel
Scouring Pads
Scraper, Bone Dust
Scraper, Dough
Selecting Hooks
Sharpeners, Knife
Sharpening Steels
Sharpening Stones
Shears, Poultry

Sheep Casings
Shovels, Plastic
Shovels, Stainless Steel
Sinks, Stainless Steel
Skewers, Wood
Skinners, Loin Knife
Smoke, Atomizers
Smoke, Liquid
Smoker Ovens
Smokehouse Cleaner
Smoking, Sawdust
Snoods, Beard
Soap Dispensers
Soap, Hand
Spray, Guns Washing
Spray Needles
Spill Socks
Stainless Steel Aprons
Stainless Steel Gloves
Steak Knives
Steel, Gloves & Aprons
Steels, Butcher
Sterilizer, Knife
Sticks, Smoke
Stockinette Hooks
Cotton Duck Aprons
Cotton Bags
Cotton Butcher Twine
Crystolon Stones
Cut Resistant Gloves
Cutters, Bowl
Cutters, Paper
Cutting Boards

Denver Ribbing Knives
Dial Thermometers
Digital Thermometers
Dispensers, Paper Towel
Dispensers, Soap
Dispensers, Tape
Dispensers, Toilet Paper
Disposable Aprons
Disposable Gloves
Disposable Sleeves
Dollies, Brute
Dollies, Lug
Dust Pans
Dusters, Bone

Ear Muffs
Ear Plugs
Electric Sharpeners
Emulsifier Plates
Eye Protection

F. Dick Steels
Fibreglass Trays
Fibrous Casings
Fillers, Sausage
Fillet Knives
Film, Food Packaging
Fittings, Sink
Floor Anti-Slip
Floor Matting
Floor Mops
Food Pouches
Food Storage Boxes

Forming Machines

Market Trays
Meat Boxes
Mesh Aprons
Mesh Arm Guards
Mesh Gloves
Mesh Glove Repairs
Meat Grinders
Meat Hooks

Meat Saws
Mesh Safety Aprons
Mesh Safety Gloves
Mineral Oil
Mixers, Meat
Multi-Oil Stones

Natural Hog Casings
Natural Sheep Casings
Needles, Artery
Needles, Roast Beef
Neoprene Aprons
Netting, Elastic
Nets, Hair
Netting Horns
Nitrile Gloves
Node Hook
Non-skid Compounds
Non-skid Matting
Norton Stones
Nozzles, Wash-Down

Oil Stones
Onion Products
Orange Oil
Oven Thermometers
Overalls, Waterproof

Packaging Equipment, Vacuum
Packaging Film
Packing Tables
Paddles, Hog Scraper
Pads, Scouring
Pails, Plastic
Poultry Knives

Stones, Sharpening
Stuffers, Sausage
Stuffing Horns
Swibo Knives
Switches, Track

Tables, Stainless Steel
Tanks, Scalding
Tape & Dispensers
Temperature Control
Tester, Brine
Thermocouples, Smokehouse
Tilt Trucks

Toilet Tissue
Toilet Tissue Dispenser
Tote Boxes
Trash Containers
Trays, Fibreglass
Trimming Knives

Tubes, Stuffing
Tumblers, Vacuum
Twine, Butcher
Twist Linkers
Tyer, Stainless Steel

Utility Carts
Urethane Aprons

Vacuum Bags
Vacuum Sealing Machines
Vests, Cooler Room
Victorinox Knives
Vinyl Aprons
Vinyl Gloves

Wash Basins & Sinks
Wash Down Nozzles
Waste Receptacles
Wet Bulb Wicks
Whizard Gloves
Wood, Sawdust


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