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We carry a complete line of sausage making supplies including pre-mixed sausage seasonings.  Our lines include quality Spices & Seasonings, Binders, Marinades, Liquid Smoke and Cures.

Ingredient Information

We are pleased to carry a full line of safety products and supplies from Ronco, Ranpro, Remco and Rubbermaid, including color coded containers. Please contact the Yes Group for all your Food Safety and HAACP products. 

Temperature Control

Try our flavourful marinades to enhance and create a superior product for your customers.  Whether it's strips, cubes, steaks or roasts these easy to use pre-measured marinade units will bring your customers back for more!  Try our Louisiana, Thai Marinade, Spicy Apple or BBQ Marinade today!

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Our table-top automatic patty forming machine is fed with mince and automatically produces burgers and meatballs of the desired weight. It is fast, low-noise, safe, reliable, compact and easy to maintain. Different combinations of ingredients may be used: beef and chicken with breadcrumbs, eggs, vegetables, cheese, soy, spices, as well as fish and biscuit dough.

The ABM F 2000 pneumatic is a drum-type former designed to form up to 2000 patties per hour or up to 4,000 meatballs per hour. Form round, oval, square, choppette or natural shape portions.

Our patty former provides precise portion control of hamburgers, meatballs, fish cakes, butter, cheese and certain cookies.

A drum-type former gently forms the portions with minimum pressure. Homemade style patties are deposited onto the discharge conveyor with or without paper for further processing or packaging.

Your mix is placed in the hopper, then rotating propellers gently feed the product into the cavity of the drum forming the shape and weight you require. The thickness of your product is adjustable.

As the drum rotates, the piston is pushed out of the drum automatically and a stainless steel wire, (cleaned automatically by pneumatic piston) strips your portion from the piston and your product is deposited onto the (optional) conveyor belt.


Product Characteristics
  • High productive capacity: better organization of work, higher efficiency
  • AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminium structure
  • Sturdy removable transparent display window and cover made of shockproof methacrylate. AISI 304 stainless steel feedbox: 23 liter capacity
  • Interchangeable forming rollers with food-safe polyethylene ejector
  • Provided with a standard roller and two scrapers: a ribbon scraper for red meat and wire scraper for white meat or fish.
  • Thickness may be easily adjusted to obtain the desired weight
  • Conveyor belt
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning all the parts in contact with food: pan, blades, forming roller, conveyor
  • Codified magnetic safety limit switches
  • Electric components with IP 55 protection box
  • Machine in conformity with CE hygiene and safety regulations

Optional Equipment
  • Standard and special forming cylinders are availble by special order:

  • Automatic wrapping device
  • Foot control
  • AISI 304 stainless steel feedbox; capacity 40 liters
  • Speed adjustment: from 780 to 4300 burgers/hour
  • Special voltages, 60 Hz
Steakette Binder Units


YES Salisbury Steak Binder

20 Kg


G & LSB Steakette Binder

6.81 Kg


YES Chick/Turk Steak Binder

5 Kg


YES Chick/Turk Steak Binder

20 kg


YES Pattie Binder #63

20 kg


YES GSR#1 Patty Binder



YES Smokey Patty Binder







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