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We carry a complete line of sausage making supplies including pre-mixed sausage seasonings.  Our lines include quality Spices & Seasonings, Binders, Marinades, Liquid Smoke and Cures.

Ingredient Information

We are pleased to carry a full line of safety products and supplies from Ronco, Ranpro, Remco and Rubbermaid, including color coded containers. Please contact the Yes Group for all your Food Safety and HAACP products. 

Temperature Control

Try our flavourful marinades to enhance and create a superior product for your customers.  Whether it's strips, cubes, steaks or roasts these easy to use pre-measured marinade units will bring your customers back for more!  Try our Louisiana, Thai Marinade, Spicy Apple or BBQ Marinade today!

Marinades Information



300NSF Digital
Simple, compact styling and a great price make the 300 and excellent value.  Not only easier to use than bi-metal thermometers but also has a low replacement cost if lost.


PDT300NSF Digital
Ruggedized to withstand a 10ft drop
Data Hold
Water Resistant
Auto Power Off
Low Battery Indicator


ba080008.jpg (32436 bytes)

Waterproof Digital
Large easy to read LCD display
Auto Power off
Data Hold
Low battery indicator
1 year warranty


49506s.jpg (3746 bytes)

Fridge/Freezer Thermometer
Hangs or stands with easy to read bold numbers.


Dial Thermometers
Plastic Waterproof Lens
Stainless Steel Construction
+/- 1 Division Accuracy
Recalibration Nut
1 Year Limited Warranty


Oven Thermometer
Stainless steel body, bold numbers for easy reading.  Dual scale readings.


TI080004.jpg (127541 bytes)
Cooking Timer


ST083000.jpg (1797990 bytes)

Hangs or stands with easy to read bold numbers.


Digital Cooking Thermometer with Timer and Probe
Economic HACCP compliance in cooking and cooling. The first thermometer to do all this is one unit. An alarm sounds when the desired temperature is reached. Comes with 36" long S/S probe.


wpe6.gif (6887 bytes)
Thermocouple Probes
Custom designed for your application.  Call for details





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